Launching Aceh Calendar of Events 2018 & Ways Forwards

01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018


  • Date: 01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018


THE Government of Aceh through Aceh Culture and Tourism Office in close partnership with the Ministry of Tourism of RI and other stakeholders is gearing up to help promote Aceh tourism as one of important economic sectors in Aceh other than mining, agriculture and industry.

Instead of relying on the scenic beauty of local tourist destinations in terms of culture and nature, the goverment is now looking to specially designed tourism events to attract more holidaymakers to come and spend time in Aceh.

The plan is one of the efforts to boost not only tourist arrivals and meet Aceh Government’s target of 100 thousands foreign visitors in 2018, but also Indonesian Goverment’s target of 20 million annual foreign visitors by 2019.

What a pride and honor! The Government of Aceh in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism of RI launched Aceh Calendar of Events 2018 on Mai 14, 2018 at the Ministry of Tourism of RI.

Entitled “Aceh is Great with Its Diverse Tourism Wonders”, Aceh Calendar of Events 2018 was officially launched by the Minister of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia, Arief Yahya and Deputy Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah attended with a huge numbers of important guests and visitors.

The launching event will mark the staedfast committment of Governor and Deputy Govenor of Aceh, Irwandi Yusuf and Nova Iriansyah as a tourism CEO in promoting Aceh as a safe, convenient and attractive tourist destination by the holdaymakers.

More than 100 tourism events ranging from nature to culture will be held throughout the year 2018 with massive publications, mainly through digital media like Facebook, Instagramm, Twitter, Youtube.

Uniquely, some of the events are categorized as Aceh’s Top Tourism Events 2018 like Aceh International Marathon, Aceh Cultural Week or Pekan Kebudayaan Aceh VII, Gayo Alas Mountain International Festival, Tour de Leuser, Aceh International Freediving Championship, Aceh International Surfing Championship and other two events as nationally listed as 100 Top Wonderful Events: Aceh Culinary Festival and Aceh International Rapa’i Festival.

All the events listed should have strengthened Aceh’s positioning as potential tourist destination located in the westermost part of Republic Indonesia.

Since Aceh has been known worldwide as a safe, convenient and attractive tourism destination, the tourist visits to Aceh also increase annually to 2.9 millions consisting of 2.8 millions national tourists and 78 thousans international tourists in 2017. This figure increases if compared to last year 2016 that was 2.1 millions consisting of 2.0 millions national tourists and 76 thousands international tourists.

With a series of Aceh wonderful events 2018 the number of tourist visits are predicted to increase. National tourist visits are targetted to 4 millions people and international tourist visits to 100 thousands in 2018.

Accessibility and amenities are also concerned and developed other than attraction that meet tourists' needs and expectations.

For Aceh International Marathon, it is a firstly held sport tourism event in Aceh with a total prize of more than IDR 3 billions on July 29, 2018 in Sabang City - Aceh, a marine tourism destination city.

All the tourism events to be held throughout the year 2018 are aimed, not only to attract a huge number of tourist visits to Aceh and to enhance spirit of entrepreunership among the community at the tourism resorts, but also to create a certain memory or a specific wonderful experience of the tourists while in Aceh and to improve a distorted image about Aceh as well.

As a wiseword says "it is better to visit Aceh once and discover Aceh's uniquness and comforts, instead of listening about Aceh a thousand times, but you never visit Aceh".

Welcome to Aceh, feel the harmony and enjoy the extraordinary.

Writer Rahmadhani

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