Aceh Cultural Week VII will be held on August 2018

05/08/2018 - 15/08/2018


  • Date: 05/08/2018 - 15/08/2018


ACEH Cultural Week VII (Pekan Kebudayaan Aceh - PKA VII) which will be held on 5 - 15 August 2018 is going to be spectacular, both from the involvement of participants and activity attraction.

Head of Aceh Department of Culture and Tourism,  Amiruddin, explained, PKA VII presents 56 series of art and cultural attractions are packed in seven main activities.

"This is the largest number of activities and will be the biggest implementation during PKA," Amiruddin said.

One other interesting thing, he said, the PKA this time is not only centered in Sulthanah Safiatuddin Park. But overall the event was held in 16 different locations in Banda Aceh.

PKA VII activities are at least followed by 7,447 representatives of 23 districts / cities in Aceh. The number of participants will continue to grow which is a delegation from various provinces, ASEAN countries and invitations from abroad.

"The contingent that has been confirmed until Thursday (05/24/18) yesterday, there will be the contingent from Yogyakarta and Padang, and Brunei Darussalam from ASEAN."

The opening ceremony at Harapan Bangsa Stadium, said Amiruddin, is a “must wait” agenda. In the event that will be opened by the President of RI, will display the colossal dance Aceh Lhee Sagoe involving 1000 dancers and video mapping performances about Aceh civilization, guel dance performance and rapai pase.

"The opening ceremony will be attended by about 35 thousand invited guests and the general public," he said.

Amiruddin expects all Aceh citizens wherever domiciled, in order to promote PKA VII so that many tourists will visit Aceh later. Because one of the objectives of this event since 1958 is to improve the economy of Aceh people.

"The implementation of PKA should be able to boost the economy of Aceh people," said Nova Iriansyah, Chairman of PKA VII Committee.

In addition to the government, Nova also strongly expects the role of the private sector to succeed the PKA VII.

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